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Jason Bateman and Jon Stewart Talk Passover, Yiddish
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Jason Bateman and Jon Stewart Talk Passover, Yiddish

Jason Bateman appeared on The Daily Show a couple of weeks ago—ostensibly to talk up his new film, Bad Words, but really to riff with with Jon Stewart about Yiddish and Passover.

Stewart greeted Bateman (a self-described “goy, through and through”) with the blessing “it’s nice when nice happens to nice,” leading Bateman to remark that his host’s words sounded “very Yiddish.” And then they were off, expounding on the joys of Yiddish (the sort of cute but cliched schtick that gives nostalgic viewers a thrill, and YIVO members a headache) and sharing Passover anecdotes.

Things get really, really funny at the three-minute mark, when Bateman describes a hilarious gaffe he made as a first-time seder guest. No spoilers—no spoilers!—but you’ll never see a shank bone in quite the same light ever again.

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