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In Jerusalem, Israel Sets Record for Hair Donation
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In Jerusalem, Israel Sets Record for Hair Donation

It’s not often that there’s reason to care about the Guinness World Records. The largest recorded breast size is not, technically, need-to-know or even want-to-know information. But just last week, Israel set the world record for hair donation for children battling cancer. Some 250 women gathered in Jerusalem’s Malha Mall, headed to the barber, and donated 117 lbs. of their locks. The drive was organized by Pantene Israel and Zichron Menachem Cancer Support Center in Israel, the Times of Israel reports.

“In order to make a child with cancer feel as normal and beautiful as possible, the goal is to fashion a wig that looks exactly like his/her hair,” Zichron Menachem’s website explains. “The child’s head is measured, and the wig is constructed from hair that is the closest match to his own. A curly-topped kid wants curls. A girl with red braids wants red braids. A teen with frizzy brown hair still wants… frizzy brown hair, even if she’s always complained about it!”

For those who couldn’t make it to Malha Mall, the drive is set for all of November at salons throughout the country—there’s even a DIY option for those who trust themselves enough to cut their own hair (you brave, brave souls).

Mazel tov, Israel! A record that’s certainly worth setting.

(Photo from Zichron Menachem)

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