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Hasidic Stores in Williamsburg Reach an Agreement on Dress Codes









Ah, the melting pot of Williamsburg, where hipsters and the ultra-Orthodox collide.

Last summer, seven Hasidic store owners in Brooklyn put up signs forbidding low cut necklines, shorts, and the scantily-clad like, to the great dismay of the NYC’s Human Rights Commission. The commission found the signs unjust and sued the stores for up to $75,000 for discriminately targeting women.

Two days ago, an agreement was reached. Yeshiva World News reported:

“The commission decided to withdraw the lawsuit Tuesday after the city and representatives from the stores came to an agreement that if they were to post new signs in their windows, they would note that while modest dress is appreciated, all individuals are welcome to enter the stores free from discrimination.”

The seven stores involved in the dispute are Sander’s Bakery, Lee Avenue Clothing Center, Tiv Tov Stores, Greenfield’s Foods, Friedman’s Depot Inc. and Etty’s Handbags.

Jay Lefkowitz, an Orthodox Jewish politician representing the businesses, said the exact wording of the new signs are still being finalized.

“The shopkeepers always said that nobody was actually excluded from the stores,” he said. “Any future signs will make clear that everybody is welcome, which was the reality.”

Next time you head to Lee Avenue for some babka, make sure you grab a sweater–as if you didn’t already have one on you.

(Photo by Getty/Failed Messiah)

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