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Drizzy Releases New Tracks
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Drizzy Releases New Tracks









Drizzy is back on the grind–but was he ever off it? Never; YOLO, OVO, #startedfromthebottom, (OK, I’m done). Aubrey Graham A.K.A “Champagne Papi” released two new songs days before the new year, right in time to pop (and spray) champagne in celebration of “Trophies” and “We Made it”.

The 27-year-old rapper’s song, “Trophies,” was cut from his September-released album, Nothing Was the Same. The song begins with a regal trumpet opening (red carpets, roll out) which carries along to a rapid bass beat. This song showcases Drizzy growing up, doing all this for “him,” and just tryna’ stay alive and “take care of his people.”

The second song, “We Made It,” is a remix of a Soulja Boy track. This song has a “hard” feel to it, blaring the “n-word” as soon as the track begins. This is surely Drake’s New Year anthem. This is Drake telling all y’all he is NOT slowing down anytime soon.

Also, tune in to SNL on January 18th. The Toronto-rapper will also be hosting and performing!

#OVO out.

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