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Drake’s SNL Bar Mitzvah Sketch









The world (or maybe just me) kvells when they find out a black rapper is in fact, a Jew.

Drake hosted, performed, and “killed it” on SNL this past Saturday, where he publicly apologized for the YOLO trend, gave a shout out to his Degrassi roots, and alerted everyone that he is….a member of the tribe!

By addressing every one of his truths: being black, being Jewish, celebrating Hanukkah, chilling with Weezy, and dating Rihanna, he gave critics absolutely nothing to respond, but in laughter. Yes, Drake is a walking set of contradictions, and yes his intonations and grammar change depending on who he is talking to, but that’s what makes Aubrey, Aubrey. His self-deprecating skit on SNL show’s he’s truly comfortable with all of that.

This “flashback” moment pokes fun at most every single black and Jewish stereotype and features a performance by Drake rapping about Boca Raton and purple drinks: Manischewitz (what were you thinking?).



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