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District Diva Mindy Meyer Didn’t Show Up for Her Televised Debate
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District Diva Mindy Meyer Didn’t Show Up for Her Televised Debate

The District Diva has struck again. Last night the Jewish Channel hosted a debate between incumbent Democrat Kevin Parker and Mindy Meyer, the 22-year-old Orthodox Jewish law student challenging him in the New York State Senate race. Meyer never showed, so naturally, the Jewish Channel showed an empty chair instead.

Here’s what debate moderator Steven I. Weiss had to say about Meyer’s debate no-show:

Meyer did not appear at the debate, despite The Jewish Channel’s having already rescheduled the debate after Ms. Meyer protested that an initial date of October 12th was too close to the Jewish holidays. Over multiple weeks of contact, Meyer’s campaign never suggested a time at which the candidate would be available; three days prior to the debate, Meyer’s campaign wrote a producer at The Jewish Channel, stating in full, “Mindy will not attend the debate. She has school commitments.”

You can watch the full video from the debate interview, which presumably doesn’t do much to make Meyer’s Senate bid more serious than pink elephants and Hunger Games costumes. You’ll get ’em next time, Mindy.

Kevin Parker vs. Mindy Meyer Debate Hosted by The Jewish Channel; Meyer Chooses Not To Appear, Represented by Empty Chair [TJC Newsdesk] Related: ‘District Diva’ Mindy Meyer Wants Your Vote [The Scroll] Previously: 10 Reasons Why 22-Year-Old Mindy Meyer Would Make a Great State Senator

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