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David Krumholtz’s Weather Forecasting Bubbe Could Be Coming to the Small Screen


Deadline reports that IFC has commissioned a presentation for a comedy series called “Gigi’s Bucket List,” based on the fictional weather-forecasting Bubbe played by NUMB3RS actor David Krumholtz. The show will follow Gigi as she fulfills her dreams with the fortune she discovers secreted away in her dead husband’s bank account.

Some of you may remember Gigi from, where she provides visitors with randomized weather forecasts and unsolicited advice, like, “When God gives you hail, it’s like free ice. So put it in your drink, so you don’t use up all the good ice.” The fictional 72-year-old Floridian was inspired by Krumholtz’s own grandmother, “a very frisky lady who had a lot to say about a lot of things and was always touting her own accomplishments.”

“I had always done this impression of my grandmother that my friend Ricky Mabe really loved,” Krumholtz explained to in June. “He was doing this website where he created this old Jewish lady character, and he asked me if I wanted to do my impression and I said yes. And before you know it I’m in four and a half hours’ worth of prosthetic makeup and I looked like my grandma and I got to sort of make my homage to her. It was a lot, a lot of fun.”

The show will be produced by Krumholtz, Mabe, and brothers Dan and Ben Newmark. If all goes well, it should appear on our TV screens in 2015 (shooting is slated for later this year).

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