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Cow Regularly Kisses Cat on a Dairy Farm in Israel
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Cow Regularly Kisses Cat on a Dairy Farm in Israel

We can all agree (probably not) that the best thing about the Internet is its ceaseless archive of animal photos, videos, and stories. There’s really nothing better after a super-frustrating day than a video of a kitten hugging a duck that was raised by wolves. Lucky for you, we have a heartwarming kitten-meets-cow story for you, straight out of Israel., a blog for all things feline, posted a past Daily Mail UK story in which we learn about a ginger cat that’s fallen in love with a cow’s wet kisses on a dairy farm in the Holy Land. It’s got the makings of the next hit romcom: The Kibbutz of Fuzzy Love.

“We live on a kibbutz and have a cowshed with a designated area for the young calves. There are also three stray cats in the area,” said Yochi Aranov Zwilling. They come to the farm everyday for food.

“One of them usually wanders off to see the calves once it has had its breakfast, looking for love and affection. I spotted this interaction between the cow and cat one morning on my daily walk and now make a point of looking for them each day,” he added.

And each day the ginger cat goes to the cow and the cow slobbers it with kisses, leaving it with “dripping wet fur.” AWWW. Love is blind.

See more photos at

Stray Cat Visits Farm Cow Every Day For Love And Affection [LoveMeow]

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