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‘Camp Gyno’ is the Most Popular Girl at Camp, Obviously

In a new commercial for HelloFlo—a service that sends you monthly packages filled with tampons and pads and candy (oh my!)—a sassy girl at camp is the first to get her period. She proceeds to take on the role of Camp Gyno, teaching the other girls about their periods as each receives her “red badge of courage.”

Our protagonist is quite bossy (“I’m like a counselor now,” she explains), and, more importantly, refreshing. Rather than most tampon commercials, which feature long-legged women wading happily in tranquil ocean waters, with no mention of what’s really going down, this ad is serious. Camp Gyno scoffs at weakness. Cramps getting you down? “Suck it up and deal with it,” she demands.

But her dictatorial position is toppled when the girls discover HelloFlo, and her services are soon replaced by the company’s monthly care packages timed to individual cycles.

Clearly, HelloFlo founder and CEO Naama Bloom went to summer camp. In a March interview with The Verge, Bloom described her path to founding HelloFlo:

“Basically, every woman I spoke to was like, ‘oh my God, that’s fucking brilliant,'” Bloom said. “No one actually enjoys the experience of buying tampons.”

Alas, if you like your sanitary napkins generic, this is not for you. HelloFlo packages provide Tampax Pearl and Always products. For $14 to $18 dollars a month, though, you can sit back, eat candy, and enjoy your brand-name period swag in style.

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