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British Skinheads, Soccer Hooligans, Surfing Rabbis, Oh My!
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British Skinheads, Soccer Hooligans, Surfing Rabbis, Oh My!

The “Surfing Rabbi,” Nachum Shifren, will go to Britain to speak at a convention filled with what Failed Messiah described as “hard right British extremists and skinheads.

The English Defence League, a far-right grouping aimed at combating the “Islamification” of British cities, has developed strong links with the American Tea Party movement.

While I personally don’t agree with their politics, the EDL is interesting due to the fact that unlike other well-known far right British political parties (the National Front for instance), they are accecpting of Jews.  So accecpting, and an interesting commentary on the changing times, would be the “Jewish Division” of the EDL’s Facebook page, and they’d actually invite a rabbi to come talk at one of their convention.

It sounds like a crazy fun time.

(Please note, I don’t actually think it sounds at all fun.  In fact, it sounds terrifying.)

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