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Rock Your Body Right, Israel: Backstreet’s Back!

The greatest boy band of the 90s* is headed to the Holy Land this summer, Haaretz reports.

Backstreet Boys will be performing in the Anglo Israeli city of Ra’anana on July 29 at an 8,000-seat venue, in an attempt to set the world record for the Largest Gathering Of Nostalgic Jewish-American Women In Their Late Twenties Outside the Unites States. (Unfortunately “Live Tweeting Boy Band Concerts In Israel” is not within the scope of Jewcy’s editorial budget, but if you’d like to sponsor my passage and buy me ticket please leave your info in the comments, thx.)

Tickets will cost between 269 shekels ($78) and 995 shekels ($288).

Other big acts performing in Israel this year include: Lady Gaga (click HERE to see here amazing Star of David studded leather jacket), Justin Timberlake, and the Rolling Stones.

* Don’t mean to throw no shade, ‘N Sync, but it’s the truth.

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