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An Author’s Tips For Dating Israeli Men
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An Author’s Tips For Dating Israeli Men

It begins on a Birthright trip, when you ogle the charming medic for what seems like longer than just ten days. It’s at that moment when you realize the power of the Israeli man. Depending on your taste, he can be taller, darker, and more handsome than the Jewish men you’ve met. That’s why Jessica Fishman, author of Chutzpah and High Heels: The Search for Love and Identity in The Holy Land, parodies this phenomenon in her new video, giving us handy, if often generalized, tips for dating these Israeli men. Like, if an Israeli calls you motek or mammi, it doesn’t mean much—he’d call any waitress or cashier by the same pet name.

Watch and learn from Fishman, and remember, it’s all in jest.

(Still image from YouTube)

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