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A Look Inside ‘Clueless’ Style Icon Cher Horowitz’s Computerized Closet
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A Look Inside ‘Clueless’ Style Icon Cher Horowitz’s Computerized Closet

The Coveteur, a website that gives voyeuristic fashionistas glimpses into the closets of their favorite style icons, went where we’ve all been dying to go since Clueless came out 17 years ago: Cher Horowitz’s closet.

The hyper-matching, meticulously accessorized high school student had a closet for the ages. Motorized racks that recalled clothing when her totally 90s computer program selected outfits? Clothing and shoes arranged, and displayed, by color? There was nothing that closet couldn’t do.

The Clueless-inspired Coveteur feature also lets you ‘Shop the Look’ for different scenes from the movie, but come on, there’s no beating Cher. The girl single-handedly drove up the value of Polaroid stock after declaring that she didn’t trust mirrors.

Happy 17th birthday, Clueless! What she said:

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