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Jewcy Live At The 2011 J Street Conference

Jewcy is live at the 2011 J Street conference in Washington D.C. Stay tuned to this page for live streaming of all the events, citizen journalism pieces and other updates beginning at 7 PM EST. Saturday through Monday.

Sunday, February 27th

9:15 AM In the “Working with Christian Communities towards a Two-State Solution” the Mike Huckabee jokes are flying.

9:25 AM People echoing the sentiment that the uprisings in the Arab world are not about Israel.

9:30 AM Person sitting next to me says “this is going to be a Tzipi Livni lovefest.”

9:45 AM “It doesn’t feel like peace is going to come from Israel.” – Member of the crowd making statement, not asking a question.

10:oo AM We’re updating testimonials from participants at the conference.  First up are Tania and Steve.

10:15 AM Next session about to start; there are still danishes and 3 people made cracks about “They’re pushing us in like livestock.” Always awkward.

10:30 AM Discussion of the Israeli populations political breakdown.  45% consider themselves right-wing, 27% center, 17% left and 12% unidentified.

10:43 AM New Israel Fund’s Naomi Chazan: ‘Israel is in democratic recession.”

10:50 AM New Israel Fund’s CEO, Daniel J. Sokatch, gives us a testimonial as to why he’s at J Street.

12:00 PM “Must ensure that the legitimate rights of the people are protected whilst their just cause is not hijacked by radical movements” – Ron Pundak.

12:15 PM We talked to Eric Alterman from The Nation.

12:25 PM Mona Eltahawy talking about revolutions through hashtags.

1:15 PM If There was a drinking game for every time we heard “3rd party,” hashtag,” and of course, “peace,” the blood alcoholic level of this place could fuel half of Africa.

2:30 PM After the exodus to Chipotle, we’re back in session with “Resolving the Middle East Conflict as a Core American National Security Interest.”

2:45 PM “Every US president since Truman has thought solving the Middle East conflict is a US national security concern.” – Brian Katulis, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

4:30 PM “Netanyahu is not in control of his government.” -Yoel Hasson, Member of Knesset (Kadima).  Says the (Israeli) government will become unstable in 2012.

Monday, February 28th

9:10 AM Chief Presidential adviser on the Middle East, Dennis Ross, emphasizes US support of Egypt.

9:20 AM Ross emphasizing how the US has not forgotten about Middle Eastern partners and allies in the last few weeks.  Leads into talking about Israel.

9:25 AM “There has never been a time when US support for Israeli security has been stronger than it is now.” – Ross

10:00 AM “You can’t be a friend of Arab freedom if you’re on the wrong side of Palestinian freedom.” – Daniel Levy, New America Foundation

10:10 AM “In Tahrir Square I never heard Israel mentioned. This is about gaining dignity and rights.”  – Roger Cohen from The New York Times

3:00 PM Going into “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions in 2011: Who’s Afraid of the BDS?” This is one of the most talked about controversial panels of the entire conference.

3:45 PM Stepped out of BDS panel for a moment.  3 people who want to get in started to scream at me.  They backed off when I told them I was grabbing my asthma inhaler.

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