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10 Reasons Why 22-Year-Old Mindy Meyer Would Make a Great State Senator
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10 Reasons Why 22-Year-Old Mindy Meyer Would Make a Great State Senator

Politicians, they’re just like us! Except Mindy Meyer, the 22-year-old yeshiva alum and law student running for New York State Senate, actually kind of is. Here are 10 reasons we think she’d be great at the job. In the words of Meyer’s inspiration, Elle Woods, “What, like it’s hard?

1. Her website is Numbers > letters, pretty much always.

2. She’s a certified makeup artist, so she won’t be spending campaign dollars on a makeup team.

3. She’s read the Hunger Games (hopefully all of them) so we’ll definitely have things to talk about.

4. She cites Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods as an inspiration for going to law school, so someone is bound to leak her application video any day now.

5. She understands the value of a sparkly GIF.

6. She’s not afraid to wear pink before Election Day.

7. She likes to play chess! She even hangs around when it’s not her turn yet.

8. She’s the youngest student in her law school class, so she’s used to environments where her colleagues are older than her.

9. She will probably have a great playlist for her victory party, and that playlist will most definitely include LMFAO.

10. She’s a nice Jewish girl, duh.

You go, Mindy Meyer!

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