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The Big Jewcy: Ben Brandzel – Progressive Online Organizer
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The Big Jewcy: Ben Brandzel – Progressive Online Organizer

So you’ve got 200 Twitter followers, and you’ve got almost 1000 friends on Tumblr.  That’s impressive, but is the President of the United States asking you for help?  No?  Didn’t think so.

Ben’s resume is beyond impressive: he started out as Advocacy Director at — helping it to become the largest grassroots online advocacy and electoral network on the internet.  From there, he moved on to become the Director of New Media Campaigns for President Barack Obama’s Organizing for America.  To be the guy who the most new media savvy president calls upon to help mobilize 20 million supporters to help pass the President’s historic health reform bill is obviously no small task.

At the present moment, Ben serves as Director of Strategic Incubation at Citizen Engagement Lab, based in Washington DC, and Berkeley, California. His mission is to help conceive, build and launch new progressive online organizing communities in the United States and across the globe. Next up, he has his sites set on India.

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