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Ten Songs We Wish Were For Hanukkah
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Ten Songs We Wish Were For Hanukkah

Face it: there are no good songs for or about Hanukkah.  Sorry if we have to be the ones to break that to you, but it’s the sad truth that may never be rectified.

In the meantime, here are ten songs we wish were actually for the Festival of Lights.

1.  Talking Heads – “Burning Down the House”

This could be a public service announcement for cautionary candle lighting.

2. Burl Ives – “The Donut Song”

Even though this song literally sounds like what slowly descending into hell sounds like, it will have to do.

3. Arthur Brown – “Fire”

If you need help lighting your candles, maybe call the god of hellfire?

4. Del Richardson – “Soul on Fire”

It would be really great if this song came on as you lit the first candle of the evening.

5. Danzig – “Soul on Fire”

Even sweeter if this song came on instead of #4.

6. Don Burdick – “Candle”

We’re really happy a song this good was written about a candle. We only wish it was called “Menorah” instead.

7. Dee Clark – “Hot Potato”

Because in order for your latkes to be good, your potatoes need to be hot.

8. Dead or Alive – “You Spin Me Round”

Until we watched this video, we actually thought it was about dreidels. Bummer.

9. Notorious B.I.G – “Mo Money Mo Problems”

This is the song you blast when you’ve won all the gelt.

10. Billy Joel – “We Didn’t Start the Fire”

This is the song you sing when you do a poor job of lighting your candles.

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