Sex & Love

Dump or Hump

I’m dating a non-Jewish boy, and I’m a quarter Jewish. I’m worried about our future.

Torn And Teary

What do I do when the person I’m dating posts something antisemitic on Instagram?

Sent Out to Pasture

Nothing richer than a single, fatherless, bald man sending you out to pasture because you have already procreated on planet earth.

Smitten in the South

We Met Pre-Pandemic. Now We’re Converting at the Same Time. Is It Beshert?

A Dating Advice Column for Sexy Jews Who Schmooze

Introducing our newest addition to The Weekly Jewce.

I’m Tired

There are far worse tireds to be sure. But Divorced Single Mom Tired is a type of tired that doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves.

Edit Him Out

Like Bumble Sex worker, I’m going to start charging.

My Rent-A-Bat-Mitzvah-Party Boyfriend

My daughter’s bat mitzvah was a slipshod affair as far back as the night of…