Religion & Beliefs

Bo, and Passing Judaism Down

To keep Judaism alive, it’s not enough to learn it for yourself. You must pass it down as well.

Va’eira, and Going Above and Beyond

Be extra.

Vayechi, And Forgiving Yourself

Learning to forgive yourself is hard, but worth it.

Jesus Was Ashkenazi

If I must claim him, he will eat chopped liver.

The Bride, The Wig, The Gram

A new generation of Jewish women feels empowered by covering their hair and are taking to social media to educate the public.

Vayeshev, and Following Your Dreams

What is a dream? Anyway, follow yours.

Is It Time to Retire Hanukkah Sweaters?

No one decks the halls with matzo balls…

Noach, and The Power of Speech

Speech is powerful. Use it wisely.