The Jewciest Thanksgiving Reads

Some light reading to keep you busy as you wait for a meal or do some heavy digesting.

Justin Bieber Makes a Statement Announcing Performance in Israel Next Year

In a time when celebrities bash Israel, the popstar decides to make a stop in Tel Aviv.

It’s Frum Girl Fall!

Hot Girl Summer may be long over, but don’t despair, hot girls! Frum Girl Fall is here.

How Vampires Perpetuate an Ancient Antisemitic Libel

From cereal boxes to Nazi propaganda, blood libel has been part of the essence of the vampire for quite a while.

Hamsa Club’s Fifth Collection is Jewish Pop Culture Heaven

When Hamsa Club’s Season Five collection launches this Friday, fans of the pop culture merchandise…

Celebrating the Art of the Bagel at Brooklyn BagelFest

BagelFest is as much about the bagels as it is about the experience.

The Zionist Case Against Anti-BDS Laws

We should continue the fight against BDS. But we should not get distracted by counterproductive laws.

What’s Missing in the Conversation Between Israelis and American Jews

Let’s chart a new path for this conversation, and begin at a simple, human level.