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Discount Drake Plays A Bar Mitzvah

Can’t get Kanye? Drake will play you kid’s big day.

Old Jewish Guy Talks About The Time Elizabeth Taylor Kissed Him

This is sort of our obligatory Elizabeth Taylor post.

Palin Goes To Israel

Sarah Palin visits Israel.

Rahmpocalypse Now: Will A Jew Run Chicago?

After months of dirty tricks, smack-talking, and a reaffirmation as to why Windy City politics are the most interesting in the nation, the day to vote has arrived.

Weirdest Thing Today: Ketubahs For Jesus

Christians are getting ketubah crazy. Jesus lovers are suddenly interested in getting traditional Jewish marriage contracts.

Wanted: Media Trainer For Rabbi Yehuda Levin

Rabbi Yehuda Levin showed up on “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” last night, and continued to help forge a positive image of Jews everywhere. (Not really.)

Nerds Collectively Freak Out: Neil Gaiman To Appear On The Simpsons

Neil Gaiman made a big announcement that he’s going to be hanging out with our favorite yellow family.

Chabad Gets A Liquor License

A nice lager and some kosher chocolate cake: this sounds like a fun time.