The Notorious Avi

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Digging Up The Philistines

They’re digging up the bad guys from the Old Testament.

The JTA Goes To Europe And They Want To Give You $100 Bucks

The JTA is off to Europe, and they want to give you some cash to celebrate.

Your Kosher Foods Might Be Filthy

You might want to check your fridge again, because your kosher food might also be pretty filthy.

The Big Jewcy: Sara Kiener – Indie Film Marketing Maven

For Sara Kiener, film is her life, and she wants everybody to know about the movies she feels passionate about.

The Big Jewcy: Ben Brandzel – Progressive Online Organizer

To be the guy who the most new media savvy president calls upon to help mobilize 20 million supporters to help pass the President’s historic health reform bill is obviously no small task.

Porn Star Wants Anthony’s Weiner

The title pretty much says it all. In case you don’t get it: a porn star wants to have sex with Anthony Weiner.

The Big Jewcy: Rabbi Brent Spodek – The Hudson Valley Rabbi

If you find yourself sick of Jewish life in the big cities, consider moving to the Hudson Valley.

Stephen Colbert On Hasidic Hillary Cropping

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to make the most sense of something incredibly stupid. Can we just make him an honorary Jew at this point?