The Notorious Avi

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Matisyahu Sans Beard?

Did he really shave it?

The Maccabeats Are So Last Year…

That’s what The Forward tells us…

When Anti-Semitic Vodka Ads Go Dumb

A third rate booze company comes up with a really stupid sign.

The Rwandan Refugee At The Holocaust Museum

Talking with the newest appointee to the board of the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

Is Gilad Coming Home?

A deal has reportedly been reached between Israel and Hamas for the captured Israel soldier.

Antisemitism Accusation FAIL

A Canadian college student accused a professor of being a Jew hater — but there’s a kick…

Matchmaker, Matchmaker Find Me A Beard

On one hand, people get to fulfill certain Jewish laws, and on the other, they are entering into a marriage with a person they don’t find sexually attractive.

Michele Bachmann’s Yiddish FAIL

We should really add some snarky comment to this video of Rep. Michele Bachmann trying, and failing, to speak a little Jewish. But there really isn’t any need.