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Kosher Chic Lower East Side Living

A new high-end residential development is seeking to add a shine of kosher chic to the historic—if also historically downmarket—Lower East Side

Knicks City Kid

Twenty years before Linsanity, the Knicks City Dancers took Madison Square Garden by storm. I should know—my aunt invented them.

‘Downton Abbey’ is No ‘The Simpsons’

Like religion, TV shows must understand how to tell stories over time if they hope to endure. ‘The Simpsons’ gets it. ‘Downton Abbey’ doesn’t.

Judy Blume’s Holocaust Fiction

Judy Blume’s 35-year-old classic Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself avoids the main problem of Holocaust fiction: sanctification.

Ladies And Gentlemen: The Jews Of Twitter

It may not be as well-defined as Black Twitter, but there’s now a distinct community of Jewish Tweeters with a shared sensibility and set of concerns

Chabon On The Screen

Michael Chabon may finally score a hit as a screenwriter for Disney’s new sci-fi flick John Carter. But will success in Hollywood ruin his fiction?

The New Face Of Jewish Feminism

Feminist rock collective Permanent Wave gathers a powerful music scene around a core of activism. Just don’t call them riot grrrls.

Pregnancy And Jewish Superstition/Faith

Pregnancies are fertile ground for superstition, especially for those who assume their traditions and lucky charms are based in Jewish law.