Shifra M. Goldenberg

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Network Jews: Cristina Yang from ABC’s Hospital Drama, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

The determined atheist doctor who pulls out her Judaism when it counts

Yes, I Know It’s Fake: Confessions of a Recovered Pro Wrestling Addict

Why no one will let me forget an embarrassing teenage obsession

My Life as a Goldenberg in Five Charts

Inspired by this week’s “Modern Love” column, one Goldenberg set out to discover the statistical likelihood of finding a soulmate who shares her name

Learning Web Programming for Zayde

A granddaughter rediscovers her love of learning while creating an online archive in her grandfather’s memory

What You Can Learn From Translating All Your Plays to Hebrew

During an extra-special production of The Wizard of Oz, one camper finally understands the Scarecrow’s big moment