Sala Levin

Sala Levin writes for Moment Magazine.

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Network Jews: Ruxin, The Fantasy Football-Obsessed Jerk on ‘The League’

He’s the Jewish male rebranded as a self-assured asshole—and that’s a good thing

Network Jews: Lilith Sternin, The Ex-Wife From Hell on ‘Frasier’

Part siren and part schoolmarm, Frasier Crane’s ex-wife embodies the hallmarks of Jewish femininity

Network Jews: Harry Goldenblatt from ‘Sex and the City’

The (not so) surprising Casanova who wins the shiksa goddess’ heart

Network Jews: Hesh Rabkin, Jewish Loan Shark on HBO’s The Sopranos

The financially shrewd elder Jewish statesman of North Jersey, doomed to operate on the periphery of the mob world and never fully within it