Rachel Gilinski

Rachel Gilinski loves rugelach, buying books she'll likely never read, and, unfortunately, lashon hara.

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Getting the Hang of New Year Resolutions

Resolutions are, technically, a Jewish practice too

Vayechi, And Forgiving Yourself

Learning to forgive yourself is hard, but worth it.

What Your Favorite Sufganiyah Filling Says About You

Sufganiyot, a.k.a. fried doughnuts usually with some kind of filling inside them, are a Hanukkah…

Vayeshev, and Following Your Dreams

What is a dream? Anyway, follow yours.

What Your Favorite Latke Topping Says About You

Latkes have long been a staple of Chanukah cuisine, and the debate over their appropriate topping is almost as long-running…

It’s Frum Girl Fall!

Hot Girl Summer may be long over, but don’t despair, hot girls! Frum Girl Fall is here.

Noach, and The Power of Speech

Speech is powerful. Use it wisely.

Bereshit, And Your Inner Snake

Snakes are everywhere. On planes. And even within you.