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Rachel Gilinski loves rugelach, buying books she'll likely never read, and, unfortunately, lashon hara.

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Behar, and the Source of all Sustenance

In Parshat Behar, G-d tells Moshe about the laws of the shemitah year. The shemitah…

Emor, and Choosing Circumstances

You get certain strengths. You get certain obstacles. You get what you get, and you try to do good with whatever you are given.

Metzora, and the Purification Process

A common theme in this parsha is purification, overcoming impurities regardless of why they’re there.

Tazria, and Lashon Hara’s Harmfulness

If I have something nice to say, shouldn’t I just say it to their face? If I have something mean to say, who does it benefit to say it out loud?

Shemini, and the Impact of Every Action

Moshe Rabbeinu’s brother Aharon, the High Priest of the Jewish nation, brought a sacrificial offering…

Tzav, and Karet

Having a sense of community is important. It holds you accountable; it reminds you who you are and who you want to be. When you lose a community, you lose a part of yourself.

Vayikra, and Adding Flavor to Prayer

I’ll add salt to my prayers and really, really mean them.

Pekudei, and Proving Yourself

Proving yourself goes beyond acting on your plans and fulfilling your promises.