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Bartenura Blue: The Official Kosher Wine Of Lil’ Wayne And Drake

Hip Hop has recently laid claim to another unlikely adoptee. ‘Bartenura Blue’ (as the kids are calling it these days), a long time shabbos table sweetheart, has become a favorite in the hip hop scene.

7-Eleven Coke Slurpees! (Are Kosher)

7-Eleven famously offers free slurpees on 7/11, providing a complimentary brain freeze in this summer scorcher. Frosty, free and kosher? A shvitzy girl’s dream!

The Big Jewcy: Esther Petrack – America’s Next Top Jewish Model

Nineteen year old Esther Petrack raised controversy and eyebrows this year as a modern-Orthdox contestant on Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model.

The Big Jewcy: Dan Gregor And Doug Mand – Writing How I Met Your Mother

Dynamic writing duo Dan Gregor and Doug Mand are two funny guys to keep your eyes on … mostly because their stars are rising, but also, because they’re likely to fart on your couch when you’re not looking, only to tweet about it seconds later.

Big Jewcy: The Junkluggers – Lug Life Ain’t Easy

The Junkluggers is a junk-removal company that focuses heavily on donations and recycling to keep as much junk out of the landfills as possible. The business is growing rapidly without compromising its integrity. These menches make all our mothers proud.

The Big Jewcy: Rachel Bloom – Ray Bradbury’s #1 Fan/Viral As F*ck

You probably saw Rachel sing about how she’d like to screw one of the greatest sci-fi writers ever.

The Big Jewcy: Adam Braun – Pencils Of Promise

While his brother is busy managing one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Adam Braun is trying to save it

The Big Jewcy: Simmy Kay – Jimmy Dean Cloud, Guy Who Hangs With Candy, MTV Producer, TV Jack Of All Trades

You know Simmy Kay. He hangs out with m&ms, he’s a sausage craving cloud, and he’s one of the funniest guys you will ever meet.