Malina Saval

Malina Saval is an award-winning features editor at Variety and the author of The Secret Lives of Boys: Inside the Raw Emotional World of Male Teens. Her articles and essays have appeared in Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Review of Books, Glamour, Jerusalem Post, Tablet, and various other publications. She sits on the board of the Los Angeles Press Club and has appeared on such programs as NPR’s Talk of the Nation, CBS Radio, and the Patt Morrison Show.

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Sent Out to Pasture

Nothing richer than a single, fatherless, bald man sending you out to pasture because you have already procreated on planet earth.

I’m Tired

There are far worse tireds to be sure. But Divorced Single Mom Tired is a type of tired that doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves.

Edit Him Out

Like Bumble Sex worker, I’m going to start charging.

My Rent-A-Bat-Mitzvah-Party Boyfriend

My daughter’s bat mitzvah was a slipshod affair as far back as the night of…


We never would have planned this. We were terrible at planning things.

My Big Fat Israeli

Dating apps are where damaged divorced men go to die.

The Divorce Dress

There were so many people, places and things for whom one needed to get married. This dress carried the weight of the entire history of the Jewish people.