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A Klutz’ Guide to Cooking: Hamantashen

This Purim, try fun hamantashen fillings like Nutella, banana, and applesauce

A Klutz’ Guide To Cooking: Making Mom’s Jewish Penicillin (Chicken Soup) For The First Time

When you’re sick and mom isn’t around, it’s time to learn to make soup like she does.

A Klutz’ Guide To Cooking: Post-Shabbat Empanadas

Get some vegan chorizo, some onions peppers, maybe some Old Bay, and make yourself some empanadas.

A Klutz’ Guide To Cooking: Hanukkah Sufganiyot

Making the Hanukkah donuts we all know and love.

A Klutz’ Guide To Cooking: Whatever’s-In-The-Fridge-Enchiladas

Because you can’t live on Hanukkah donuts and latkes alone, tonight I made enchiladas with everything I had lying around.