Lahav Harkov

Lahav Harkov is the Knesset reporter for The Jerusalem Post, where she also writes a column called The Weekly Schmooze about Jews in pop culture, so she has an excuse for incessantly reading celebrity gossip.

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Tel Avivis Attempt To Set World Record For Largest Shabbat Dinner

White City Shabbat’s campaign to gather 1,000 people for dinner in a hangar in the Tel Aviv Port.

Network Jews: Tommy Pickles On Nickelodeon’s Classic Cartoon ‘Rugrats’

TV’s bravest baby learns about the Festival of Lights in the first-ever animated Hanukkah special

Network Jews: Fran Fine, the Nasal-Voiced Star of ‘The Nanny’

The fashion girl from Flushing with her own theme song, distinctive laugh, and a rich British husband.

Network Jews: Howard Wolowitz from The Big Bang Theory

The nerdy, Vespa-driving, sex-obsessed engineer who still lives with his mother