Kelsey Liebenson-Morse

Kelsey Liebenson-Morse is a writer living in New York.

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A Queer Jewish Author Takes on Austen

Dov Zeller presents, ‘The Right Thing To Do At The Time’

‘Ruth’s’: Giving Anne Frank Another Life

One actor imagines— what if Anne Frank was your grandmother?

‘Tzadeikis’: An Intimate and Fantastical Look at the Hasidic World

A secular artist directs a Hasidic, Yiddish film.

‘NOT THE ONE: A Love Story’

A Jewish performer’s one-woman show explores sexuality, polyamory, and more.

Lena Dunham And Jack Antonoff Call It Quits

‘The Jewish power couple that never was’ is no more.

In a Sea of Sarahs

At a Rosh Chodesh retreat, something both new and familiar…