Juliet Linderman

Juliet Linderman is a writer, reporter and Jewess living in Brooklyn, New York. She is originally from San Francisco, California. Juliet currently works as the managing editor of The Greenpoint Gazette, and freelances from time to time. Her work has appeared in the Village Voice, Caravan Magazine, Kitchen Sink, The Rumpus, Vol. 1 Brooklyn and the McSweeney’s San Francisco Panorama, among others.

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The Big Jewcy: Edith Zimmerman – TheHairpin.com

As media mavens go, Edith Zimmerman might just be your hero.

Michael Chabon Sells Show To HBO

Move over Boardwalk Empire, Michael Chabon comes to HBO.

Jewcy Top 10 Fiction Books Of 2010

We admit that 2010 was Jonathan Franzen’s year, but there were a bunch of books we liked a whole lot more.

Weekly Yiderati: Jews Dominate “Best Of” Lists, David Grossman Videos, Fran Lebowitz Lists Avi Steinberg Blogs And More

Our weekly lit roundup includes best of lists for 2010, David Grossman video interviews, Avi Steinberg blogging about being embarrassed, books Sam Lipsyte read, and more.

Paul Auster Meets Gilmore Girls In This Review Of “Sunset Park”

Reviewer attempts to discuss new book by her favorite author, ends up talking about Gilmore Girls.

Jewcy Interviews: Nicole Krauss

The National Book Award nominee in a very candid one on one conversation about writing, and her newest book, “Great House”

Urban Honey: Keeping Bees in NYC

Text by Juliet Linderman Photos by Jesse Untracht-Oakner There are certain things we can see and…

Jewcy Interviews: Gabriel Levinson, Founder of the Book Bike Project

Gabriel Levinson is the founder of the Book Bike project, a library on wheels-a tricycle,…