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Days Of Awe(some) Books: A High Holiday Reading List, Part II

Eight books to go along with the High Holidays

Jewcy Interviews: Jon Natchez of Yellow Ostrich

Jon Natchez of Yellow Ostrich, whose album, Strange Land, is out today, is a talented instrumentalist and a smart, funny guy. We talk to him about the new album, his experience as a side man, and why his junior high school nickname was Woody Allen

The Weekly Yiderati

From Jews getting literary about Jeremy Lin to more thoughts on Hasidic memoirs.

Making Sense Of Deborah Feldman And Post-Hasidim Memoirs

If you don’t know Deborah Feldman yet, you will soon.

Jews And Film Geeks Weep In Solidarity: Portman And Malick Team Up

Natalie Portman signs on to work with Terrence Malick for two movies. Jews and film geeks both celebrate.

The Weekly Yiderati

This week: From the birthday of Philip Glass to essays in The Believer, we’ve got you covered.

Jewcy Interviews: Ben Marcus On “The Flame Alphabet”

In his latest book, “The Flame Alphabet,” Ben Marcus imagines a world where the voices of children kill. We talk to him about how it’s his most conventional work to date.

Shul Hopping: A DIY Prayer Party

For so long I hoped to find where people my age prayed. I have slowly begun to find some pieces of the answer.