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The Jewciest Thanksgiving Reads

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Jewcy is Taking a Summer Sabbatical

Just like God commanded! (Sorta.)

OMGWTBIBLE: Luzer Twerksy on Leaving Orthodoxy, Acting, and—Yes—Torah

Says the star of indie hit ‘Felix and Meira’: “I never thought of myself as someone creative, I thought I was just weird.”

OMGWTFBIBLE: In Which We See the Backside of God. Literally.

The Almighty shows his butt to Moses. Glory be!

OMGWTFBIBLE: Have You Ever Read the Bible on Weed?

A controversial translation of the Bible includes cannabis as part of the priestly anointing oil. Plus, an orgy!

OMGWTFBIBLE: In Which the Torah Gets All Sacrificial and Bloody, Narrative Be Damned

Tune in to learn more about animal sacrifices and Alan Dershowitz!