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A Very Jewcy Rosh Hashanah

A Rosh Hashanah playlist to dive right into 5783…

Who Is Rabbi Linda Goldstein, Really?

Behind the popular parody account is an astute young lawyer that wants to make light of the ridiculousness of anti-Israel hate.

Christmas: Eight Things to Do if You’re a Jew

Might as well keep yourself busy! Or not!

Dear Rosalía, Please Sing in Ladino

Help us bring awareness to an endangered Jewish language and put it at the forefront.

Jesus Was Ashkenazi

If I must claim him, he will eat chopped liver.

Lee Kern: ‘Jews Aren’t Moths’

Celebration of light, my tuches.

A Jewcy, Jewcy Hanukkah Playlist

Quite literally the best Hanukkah playlist of all time. Prove me wrong.