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The Big Jewcy: Jacob Danish Sloan – Brooklyn Twee Pop Savant

We talk to chief songwriter and singer of the Brooklyn band Dream Diary.

The Big Jewcy: The Lady Aye – Sword Swallowing Sweetheart Of The Sideshow

The Lady Aye, the Sweetheart of the Sideshow is one of a kind. She’s a fire-eater, an escapist, pain-proof gal, a sword swallower, and a dear friend. How exactly did a nice Jewish girl from NYC become the Lady Aye?

The Big Jewcy: Josh Kaufman – Musical Jack Of All Trades

Making music, playing it live, producing it: Josh Kaufman does it all.

Watching Leonard Cohen’s “Bird On A Wire” 38 Years After It Was Supposed To Come Out

38 years after it was supposed to be released, a glimpse into the iconic songwriter/poets world circa 1972.