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Jesse David Fox grew up in Long Island where he watched reruns of the Simpsons instead of reading books. By his estimation, this makes him qualified to write about television, himself, and little else. He lives in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. It's VERY Greenpoint; he tries to fit in by working for a start-up, podcasting (, tweeting (@JesseDavidFox) and not shaving. Don't even get him started on sandwiches.

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Jews Watching Television: Glimpsing The Future Of Must See TV

Last night was a great night of TV but was it too great? Four revolutionary sitcoms showed off exactly what makes them transcendent and it was exhausting.

Jews Watching TV: Back On The Air And Staying Put

After a two week break, NBC Thursday night is back, and all the shows have shiny new contracts.

Jews Watching TV: Doing It For The Ladies

At this point, Tina Fey is an honorary Jew.

Jews Watching TV: Liz Gets Lemony

For the NBC Thursday Line-up, there is definitely chaff in the midst of wheat, especially considering that none of the shows are especially well watched when compared to the Modern Familys and Glees of the world. So here is a preview of where the shows stand right now (from most bleak to the positively rosy)

Jews Watching TV: The Office Wins The Night

Where we once again nerd out over NBC’s Thursday night comedy lineup

Jews Watching TV: Parks & Recreation Keeps Winning

In last night’s installment of NBC’s epic Thursday night comedy lineup each show shared a common objective: to ground the viewer in the location and setting of each series and to offer an idea about the world around the central cast.

Jews Watching TV: Compatibility Mode

Two weeks in, it appears that along with the departure of Steve Carell, the most exciting narrative of the NBC Thursday Spring season will be the epic battle each week between Parks & Recreation and Community for funniest show on television.

Jews Watching TV: NBC Thursday Night Preview

It was the night before shabbos, and all through the house were Jews watching NBC’s famous Thursday night comedy lineup.