Jesse David Fox

Jesse David Fox grew up in Long Island where he watched reruns of the Simpsons instead of reading books. By his estimation, this makes him qualified to write about television, himself, and little else. He lives in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. It's VERY Greenpoint; he tries to fit in by working for a start-up, podcasting (, tweeting (@JesseDavidFox) and not shaving. Don't even get him started on sandwiches.

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Jews Watching TV: Finally Someone Who Liked Work It

The Internet’s streets run red from the reviews of ABC’s new sitcom, Work It. There hasn’t been a show this disliked since we as a species evolved to have funny bones 3,050 years ago.

Two Jewish Brothers Walk Into A Brooklyn Kitchen (And Come Out With A Latke Recipe)

Meet Max and Eli Sussman, two brothers in the thick of the Brooklyn food revolution.

The Year In Jewish Television

Some have called this the greatest year in television since 2010 and I think those people are right. Here is what I’ve notice from a year of watching far too much (but really not enough) television.

The 100 Greatest Jewish Films: An Infographic Look

I looked at the 100 Greatest Jewish Films as chosen by Tablet, keeping tally of if each movie had featured a Jewish Director, Jewish Writer, Jewish Actor, an Explicitly Jewish Character, or a story that dealt directly with Jewishness.

Top 5 Goyim Who Played Badass Jews

Based on the list of the 100 Greatest Jewish Films, we present the top five most badass goyim who played Jews.

Amar’e Stoudemire Teaches Hebrew On Shalom Sesame

Please enjoy New York’s favorite basketball player of Jewish teach kids how to say “good” in Hebrew (Spoiler Alert: It’s “tov”).

Jews Watching TV: Why How I Met Your Mother Needs Its Laugh Track

After last week’s column, about laugh tracks’ possible negative effect on sitcoms, went up, hundreds if not three friends of mine said something to the effect of, “How about How I Met Your Mother?”

Jews Watching TV: Mathematically Proving How Much Laugh Tracks Stink

With the resurgence of the laugh track, we decided to conduct an experiment—a TV experiment.