Jesse David Fox

Jesse David Fox grew up in Long Island where he watched reruns of the Simpsons instead of reading books. By his estimation, this makes him qualified to write about television, himself, and little else. He lives in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. It's VERY Greenpoint; he tries to fit in by working for a start-up, podcasting (, tweeting (@JesseDavidFox) and not shaving. Don't even get him started on sandwiches.

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Jewcy Interviews: Gabriel Levine of Takka Takka and Gabriel & The Hounds

Gabriel Levine of Takka Takka goes the solo route. We talk with him about the transition, and also his favorite diva.

Jew/Jewcy Contributor Beats Jeremy Lin in a Game of P-I-G

Last year comedian/Jewcy contributor Adam Lustick challenged basketball demigod, Jeremy “Linnie Driver” Lin to a game of P-I-G. Someone one, guess who…

Jews Watching TV: Smash Is The New Lost

Last night was the third and worst episode of Smash thus far. How much worse can it get?

Who Will Be the Next Jewish EGOT?

Scott Rudin became the 6th Jew to get an EGOT, prompting us to ask: who will be next? We handicap the competition.

Jews Watching TV: The New Girl And The Dangers Of Starfucking TV Shows

This week New York Magazine wrote about how the casting of Zooey Deschanel, and the success of The New Girl in general, might have completely rewritten the rules of who will act on television.

Jews Watching TV: All We Are Saying Is Give The Voice a Chance

We actually give you five reasons to watch The Voice right after the Superbowl.

Jews Watching TV: When TV’s Best New Comedy Is Also The Worst

There are shows one watches because he or she likes them and there are shows they don’t because they don’t. Also, there are shows, usually of the reality persuasion, that a person might watch because they loathe it and hate-watching is one of our times’ great cultural revelations.

Jews Watching TV: I’m Okay With 30 Rock Instead Of Community

Lost in the bubbling hubbub surrounding Community’s hiatus was the casualness of 30 Rock’s 8:00pm placement.