Esther Saks

Esther Saks thinks Bob Dylan deserved the Nobel Prize. Her writing is featured in Heroes: A Raconteur House Anthology.

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Jews and Baseball… and Books

What works of literature explore the Jewish affinity for America’s pastime?

Life in the ‘Twilight Zone’

How Rod Serling’s identity as a Jewish WWII vet shaped the iconic show

The Year of Binging Jewishly

From Lenny Bruce to ghost Hasids, 2017 brought us unbelievably Jewish moments on TV.

The Quiet Genius of Michael Stuhlbarg

From ‘A Serious Man’ to ‘Call Me By Your Name,’ the Jewish actor is a star to watch.

The Once and (Alt) Future Nazis

Where does the new DC TV crossover line up with other alternative Jewish histories?

‘Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story’

A new documentary spotlights a classic actress who was also a tech pioneer.

Welcome to the O.C., Mench

Why Seth Cohen is still the iconic Jewish heartthrob.

What’s So Jewish About Werewolves?

It’s a lot more than their Bar Mitzvahs!