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Erika Davis is a writer, blogger, thinker and innovator who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

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Canadian Filmmaker Focuses on Nigerian Jews in New Documentary

Jeff Lieberman’s new film, ‘Re-Emerging: The Jews of Nigeria,’ sheds light on a Jewish community that many Jews are unaware of

Finding the Messiah, With the Help of QR Codes

We talk with R. Justin Stewart about his new installation, “Distorting (a messiah project, 13C),” and his research into the Jewish concept of the messiah

In Brooklyn, Putting Gefilte Fish Back on the Menu

We talk with the founders of The Gefilteria, which opens in Brooklyn on Sunday, about Ashkenazi soul food, misunderstood gefilte fish, and the Jewish kombucha

Black, Gay, And Jewish: Confessions Of A Former Pagan-Hippie

My path to Judaism was filled with all sorts of different faith-based and spiritual practice. Including Wicca.

Black, Gay, And Jewish: How Do You Jew?

When I was converting everyone wanted to know why I wanted to be Jewish. I knew why I wanted to be Jewish, but I found that articulating it to others in a way that is universally understandable was difficult.

Black, Gay, And Jewish: Thoughts On Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls

So you’re in a safe space with a “safe black person” and all of a sudden things you’d never say to a person on the street or on the subway just fly out of the mouth without bounds…

Tzedakah: Because It’s The Season Of Giving (Or So We Hear…)

It’s as good a time of year as any to give to charity.

Black, Gay, And Jewish: Gay And Away In Israel

I go to Israel with no expectations and with a completely open heart and mind. I haven’t formulated concrete thoughts on Israel, which was the topic of debate for many meetings with my conversion rabbi.