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Jewish Movie Week: Movies With Both Bette Midler And Sarah Jessica Parker

Why aren’t we recognizing the sheer brilliance that is the Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker comedic partnership?

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Bring Me A Scheme?

Is it a scam? Is it the end of the Jewish spinster? Only time will tell

Kosher For Your Jewfro?

Meet Kosher Kurl: an $18 bottle of the “best leave-in conditioner in the world.”

Monday Mazel: Ladino Speaking Sarah Silverman Gets Hitched!

Sarah Silverman gets married…but it’s not what you think, a Ramaz hookup goes under the chuppah.

The Big Jewcy: Ken Weinstein – From Record Geek To PR Powerhouse

One half of the duo behind indie PR powerhouse, Big Hassle, Ken Weinstein is more likely to be found camping out at Bonnaroo (also a client) than at Shabbat services, but that doesn’t mean we don’t admire his work!

The Big Jewcy: Emily Savage- Covering Bay Area Jews, Vegan Food, And Music With Equal Vigor

Emily is living the dream–writing about Jews, music and food for a living–and repping for all the Bay Area ladies looking to have their voices heard in print and online.

The Big Jewcy: Steph Herold – Reproductive Rights Activist

“I have the privilege of not having to wrestle each day with dissonance between my faith and the cause that drives my life.”

The Big Jewcy: Amy Klein – Titus Andronicus

You might know Amy from her band, Titus Andronicus, but there is so much more you should know about her.