Emily Schneider

Emily Schneider is a writer and educator with a special interest in children's literature. She lives and works in NYC. She blogs about children’s literature at https://imaginaryelevators.blog.

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Remembering Philip Roth’s ‘Defender of the Faith’

The early short story exploded every sacred stereotype about Jewish life.

‘American Heritage Girls’— It’s Girl Scouts. For Bigots!

The Catholic organization exists to roll back feminist progress.

‘Oskar and the Eight Blessings:’ The Ghosts of Chanukah Future

One children’s book provides us with the comfort we need.

Jewcy Interviews: Serena Dykman

The director talks about her new Holocaust film, ‘Nana: A Transgenerational Documentary on Tolerance.’

Bob Dylan: Forever Old

The Nobel Prize shows that the songwriter is anything but “Forever Young.” And that’s wonderful.

A Children’s Book on ‘German Suffering’ During WWII

‘A Year of Borrowed Men’ seems to forget a bit of history…

The Jewish Creators of Curious George, Everyone’s Favorite Monkey

Jewcy interviews documentary director Ema Ryan Yamazaki.

Calling Dr. Cohn! The Jewishness of ‘Madeline’

The children’s book classic is more Jewish than you remember.