Elizabeth Simins

Elizabeth Simins is a compulsive doodler living in New York. She splits her time between making paintings, being a production designer, and playing pretentious indie video games. She tweets here.

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Kosher Salt: Introducing My Non-Jewish Fiancé

Tackling the negative responses I’ve gotten from Jewish friends was more difficult than I expected

Kosher Salt: A Very Jewish Christmas

Spending the holidays with family, eating kugel under the Christmas tree

Network Jews: Witchy Willow Rosenberg on ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’

The cult classic’s most memorable character was also one of mainstream television’s first lesbians

Kosher Salt: I Don’t Eat Pork

A cheeseburger enthusiast draws the line at pork

Kosher Salt: On Forgiveness

When asking for forgiveness on Rosh Hashanah isn’t enough

Kosher Salt: Jesus Christ Superstar and Me

When a Broadway show about Jesus is your most religious experience in years

Kosher Salt: Jews with Tattoos

Fielding the same series of questions whenever someone sees my tattoos

Kosher Salt: Soliciting Judaism on the Street

Navigating past Super Jews and Greenpeace representatives on the way to class