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OMGWTFBIBLE podcast: Genesis Megafinale!

The translation of the first book of the bible is completed in super-special reunion episode.

OMGWTFBIBLE podcast: Author Michael Malice on Joseph vs. Kim Jong Il

Episode 21: In which Joseph imposes a not-quite-democratic political system on famine-stricken Egypt.

OMGWTFBIBLE podcast: Leah Vincent on Joseph and Fractured Families

What happens to families when people push each other away?

OMGWTFBIBLE podcast: Joseph! Pharoah! Jung! Dreams!

Episode 19: In which Joseph has some explaining to do.

OMGWTFBIBLE Podcast: Joseph, the Irresistible Allure of Tamar, and Stories from Yeshiva Day School

Episode 18: In which there are plenty of bodily fluids.