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Carrie Goldberg is the Executive Editor and Founder of, a fashion/lifestyle blog, but heads to when she's feeling sarcastic. Carrie is a stylist/writer/fashion publicist a.k.a. an indecisive jack of all trades living in New York City.

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Monday Mazel: Food and Fashionistas

This weekend hosted the union of quite the array of food and fashionistas in this weekend’s Jew York Times, and one incredibly intelligent/nerdy interfaith marriage.

Overheard In Jew York: Uptown Train

There are a million stories in Jew York City. This is one of them.

Jewish Mothers Cooking: Mama Goldberg’s Cholent

Our fashion editor talks to her mom about her world famous cholent.

Worst Cooks In America Re-Cap: Joshie Watch

As the official ambassadors of Team Joshie, we give you another installment of “Joshie Watch.”

Worst Cooks In America Re-Cap: Food Network, Good For The Jews?

Food Network is sort of like the shtetl of television.

The Jewcy Style Index: Your Face is Thirsty

Know this: if you are one of the few freaks of nature blessed with perfect…

The Big Jewcy Gift Guide

Our fashion editor has a gift idea for just about everybody you know.

The Jewcy Style Index : Under $200

Americans have suddenly caught on to the concept of a good bargain, something that Jews have stealthily hunted for years.