Arielle Kaplan

Arielle Kaplan is a columnist at Jewcy Magazine and the Digital Editor of Hadassah Magazine. Her bylines include Hey Alma, Kveller, JTA, The Nosher and Salty Magazine.

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Dump or Hump

I’m dating a non-Jewish boy, and I’m a quarter Jewish. I’m worried about our future.

Torn And Teary

What do I do when the person I’m dating posts something antisemitic on Instagram?

Smitten in the South

We Met Pre-Pandemic. Now We’re Converting at the Same Time. Is It Beshert?

A Dating Advice Column for Sexy Jews Who Schmooze

Introducing our newest addition to The Weekly Jewce.

Alex Edelman Is Good for the Jews

‘Just For Us’ is an evergreen comedy on antisemitism.

How Vampires Perpetuate an Ancient Antisemitic Libel

From cereal boxes to Nazi propaganda, blood libel has been part of the essence of the vampire for quite a while.

Yom Kippur: From the Horniest Holiday to the Holiest

In the Jewish world, Yom Kippur is the one night a year that a Jew can have revolting breath and no other Jew can say anything about it.