Arielle Kaplan

Arielle Kaplan is a columnist at Jewcy Magazine and the Digital Editor of Hadassah Magazine. Her bylines include Hey Alma, Kveller, JTA, The Nosher and Salty Magazine.

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Slut for Slicha

On the infamous “sorry” Yom Kippur text…

Snipped and Satisfied

To bris or not to bris. THAT is the question.

Schtupless in Seattle

Why are our men being pimped out and our ladies gate-kept?

Gefilte Guilt

Despite my best effort to serve his majesty a kosher meal fit for King Solomon, I utterly failed. How do I redeem some mitzvah points?

Messy Meshugane. Again.

Remember the funny guy from before that I was supposed to be straight up with… well, that never happened.

Smitten with Schpilkes

I’m going to keep this short and sweet: I have a crush on my Rabbi.

Conflicted Convert

I’m a recent convert and despite the fact that I have dated a disproportionate number of Jewish women in my life, my current partner isn’t Jewish.

Shlemazel in Love

Shema Arielle, My fiance is cheating on me. How do I know? He just told…